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Clutch Bags

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Funky Clutch & Cross Body
Regular priceRs.3,990.00Rs.1,990.00
  • Black
  • Green
Stylish Clutch
Regular priceRs.2,990.00Rs.1,490.00
  • White
  • Maroon
  • Gold
  • Brown
Sweet Style
Regular priceRs.4,990.00Rs.1,990.00
    Silver Party
    Regular priceRs.5,990.00Rs.1,990.00
      Luxe Clutch
      Regular priceRs.5,990.00Rs.1,990.00
        Golden ladies clutch
        Regular priceRs.5,490.00Rs.1,990.00
          Blue crossbody and shoulder bag
          Regular priceRs.5,490.00Rs.1,990.00

            Here are some possible descriptions of a clutch bag that's only been used three times:

            Pristine condition:

            This emphasizes how little the bag has been used.exclamation You could say "clutch bag in pristine condition, only used three times."

            Lightly used: 

            This is a more general term for something that hasn't seen a lot of wear.
            Like new: This suggests the bag looks almost new despite being used a few times.
            Rarely used clutch: This is a straightforward description highlighting how infrequent the use was.

            Special occasion clutch: 

            This implies the bag was only brought out for specific events, hinting at its good condition.
            You could also add details about the clutch itself to make the description more vivid. For instance:

            "Sparkly silver clutch bag, only used three times, perfect for a night out."
            "Sleek black leather clutch, barely used, ideal for work or evening events."

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